It's Free Today - Let Me Die

Suicide is more prevalent than we would want to acknowledge. My next post on Monday will address the topic. You will hear from a mother on how she feels after losing a child to suicide.

In one of the stories in Let Me Die, I wanted to die. Really. At a tender age when I didn't grasp what suicide was and is today, I wanted an escape from life.

Let Me Die is free on Kindle today. It's a short read and you will learn the reason why I wanted to die because I was angry I could not change something about myself.

On this blog, my aim is to address the not-so-nice-things people are afraid to address. I want to bring awareness with hope that we can get healing. Writing is one route to healing. Grab a pen and start the process of healing by writing your pain away.

Here is the link on Amazon - Let Me Die.