I Cry Tonight

Neglected, I am  
So many times
No one considers my feelings
I cannot trust anyone any more
Disregarded, I am

Loneliness shoves me in a dark hole
Depression, it is
The world where I am lost
A world of burdensome feelings
Feelings that never end

I endure the cost of my life
A life I never asked for
I am not happy
I cry
                                                                 I do not always cry
For crying is not style
But I get days
Moments that stay

 Today, unfortunately
I can’t hold back my pain
So I cry tonight
Cry myself to sleep
As a way of letting go
The burdens that saddle me

Tomorrow I will rise
With a smile on my face
Because I am thankful
I still breathe
And I will celebrate my life
As an innocent and happy child

© Amany Rosine   
Meet Amany Rosine. She makes
 her debut  on Day Laughs Night
Cries blog with her poem,
 "I Cry 


  1. A wonderful verse indeed, we can choose to be happy

  2. Hi Peaches! So nice to see you! Hope life is treating you fine! The poem is just wonderful! Best Regards! Kisses! xo

  3. Wow. Very powerful. May the days be longer than the nights and sweet dreams replace the tears as the wounds heal.

  4. So nice to see you again, Peaches! That's quite a poem! Amany is very talented!

    1. hi sherry, amany is talented, for sure. i'll be around for a while, think.

  5. Replies
    1. thank you, linda. i'll be checking out your blog.

    2. You sure did, and thank you so much for your kind comment. I love your blog, it is beautiful!

  6. Replies
    1. yes. did you watch anthony bourdain in jamaica? it was goooood.

  7. Thank you all for your loving words. I can only hope it do good to anyone who reads it and for those who haven't yet, may it reach you.

  8. Mmm. Don't we all know that cathartic exercise of purging our emotions through tears.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  9. A wonderful rendition of the vicissitudes of life. Very inspiring and heartfelt.


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