Day Laughs Night Cries: Let Me Die (Prequel) - click link
Excerpt -  "I look to the big open sky.... 
I pray and I cry. “Lord, take my life. I don't want to live any more. Lord, why do you make this happen to me?” I cry louder. “Why me? Help me! Help me!” I pound and pound on the grass. “I want to die! “Let me die! Let me die! I wanna die…” Weakness floods me. I collapse on the grass...." This short story collection features stories such as “Good-bye, Papa,” “I’m a Good Girl,” “Let Me Die,” and “ Good Friday.”

The subtitle has been changed from A Woman Tonight to Let Me Die.

Excerpt - “No, Cole. I don’t want to. Please.”
Cole pulls me closer to him. He tugs my t-shirt up. I tug it down….
“You walking ‘bout the house with your fat ass like you think I don’t have feelings,” Cole shrieks. He breathes like a runner. His two legs box mine together. Cole brings his face close to mine. His weight on my legs pins me and he squeezes my jaws and shoves his tongue in my mouth….
“No, please, no, Cole, ” I mutter, close my eyes, push him…. “S-sorry,” I whisper.
Swiftly, like the swing of a bat, Cole’s hand flies toward my face and my eyelids lock tightly and his hand lands like a plank against my jaw and teeth bite into flesh that bleeds the blood I swallow. From closed eyes, I see darkness and specks of light that shimmer. I cringe. Hot tears burst and slide down my face. With my back to Cole, I curl on my side on the couch and bury my face into the soft seat and cover the back of my head and my ears with my hands. I wait and wait for the next blow. I sob.
Day Laughs Night Cries: Fifteen details a catastrophic event that thrusts Peaches to do the unthinkable. The book, a timeless and universal mother-daughter story set in Jamaica, Canada, and the United States - rattles with love and hate, tension and chaos, trust and distrust, hope and despair. It whispers of childhood physical assaults and traumas. It reveals teenage confusion and street survival. This engaging account applauds the resilience of the mother-daughter bond.

Day Laughs Night Cries: Steel Dreams (Book 2)
Fiction, but some event are based on real life events
Forthcoming -

Excerpt from Prologue - How I saved myself, or I should say, though "school was good, but certainly not a bed of roses," as Mama always say, school saved me from death row."
Chapter One: The Plot to Kill

Forthcoming 2020

Day Laughs Night Cries: Shattered (working title) 

More than Burgers & Fries - in progress - forthcoming 2020
Love, Fate & McDonald's - in progress - forthcoming 2020 

Hollow in the Basement - 2022

Do Something - 2021

Scumville Series (book 1) - 2023

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