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Languages we speak:English, French, 
Arabic, Jamaican, Bambara 
 Healing wounds (including ours) one teardrop at a time. To reach us, contact Peaches Ledwidge at daylaughs@gmail.com.  

Amany Rosine - Ivory Coast,
West Africa, Lebanon & Canada

Amany Rosine, born in Ivory Coast, West Africa, is a talented poet who has taught herself English, Arabic and Bambara, a language spoken in Mali. Amany has lived in Lebannon, too, but now lives in Toronto, Canada. She loves children and wants to help prevent them from hurt or trauma. Amany believes in learning as much as she can. She aims to live a self-accepting life, one that is free of regrets. 

Rosena Joseph - Barbados,
Haiti & Canada 

Rosena Joseph lives in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada) with her wonderful children. She is passionate about her family and life. She enjoys travelling to different countries, taking nature walks in a beautiful park in Toronto, or running marathons in creative outfits (wedding dress) for worthy causes. Joseph writes short stories in her spare time. While riding to work each morning is part of her weekly routine, you will not catch her swinging in and out of traffic or breaking red lights, but you can find her humming a song in English or French as she rides. 

Geoffrey Ledwidge - England,
Jamaica & United States

Peaches Ledwidge

Peaches D. Ledwidge -  Jamaica,
Canada & the United States

Kwai-Yun Li - China, India & Canada

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