Our Mission

Mission: To Heal Wounds One Teardrop at a Time


Our wounds can be anywhere. We have emotional and physical wounds. Day Laughs Night Cries want to connect with you, and together, we want to help heal your wounds. When we heal our wounds, we heal our minds and bodies. We are able reach our highest potential.

Stories are powerful vehicles to help us remember, connect the past with the present, etc., but story writing is proven to help in the healing process of the body mind and soul.

Let us help you in your healing process by writing away the injury.
We offer writing seminars, healing circles (group reading of stories), and more.

What is a Wound? Definition of Wound

Merriam Dictionary 
"Full Definition of WOUND. 1 a : an injury to the body (as from violence, accident, or surgery)

The Free Dictionary - Definition

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